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Vlone x Tupac Shakur

For Tupac Shakur fans, the news of a collaboration with the renowned street fashion pop-up brand VLONE was overwhelming. The designer of VLONE, A$AP Bari, considers this awesome streetwear collection one of his best projects. A$AP has often exhibited his respect for the great rapper’s concept. To introduce the ground-breaking collection to VLONE and 2pac fans, A$AP took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of one of the clothing articles with an image of 2pac imprinted across it. Other than the image, the words ‘Rebel of the Underground’ and ‘Tupac Shakur’ were also printed on the t-shirt.

What platform was picked by the designer A$AP Bari for the release of the VLONE X Tupac Shakur collection?

A$AP Bari worked with the Universal Music Group to release the edgy VLONE X 2PAC collection. The rappers merchandise collection was inaugurated at 178 Ludlow Street. A$AP Bari certainly made wise choices in the selection of the release location as well as the podium because the collection was completely wiped out over the weekend by enthusiastic hip-hop fashion fans. This is all the evidence one needs to realize the success of the Vlone X Tupac Shakur collection!

What type of clothing articles does the Tupac collection consist of?

A wide range of fashion items can be found within this remarkable VLONE x Tupac collection, such as edgy hoodies, cool printed T-shirts, MOB fragment bathrobes, and baseball hats. VLONE’s signature V logo and the ‘2Pac’ can be seen printed across the t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items. The logo is neat and simple, yet it reflects Tupac’s concept and issues associated with drug wars, racism, violence, etc. Tupac Shakur’s loyal fans appreciate the precise, thoughtful, and edgy designs.

Tupac Hoodies

The Tupac hoodie collection includes various colors such as black, red, green, blue, white, gray, purple, orange, pink, and yellow. Sizes range from small to XXXL. The fabric is warm and consists of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. A kangaroo pocket is stitched at the front of the hoodie. The sleeves of the hoodie are long and thick to capture the edgy, Vlone street fashion essence truly. A graphic print of ‘2PAC’ is made on the front of the hoodie, whereas the back features the V logo.

Tupac T-Shirts

Various Tupac-related T-shirt designs are included in the collection. For example, one half-sleeved t-shirt features a very cool ‘Powamekka Café print in bright gold. Powamekka Café is a reference to Tupac’s conceptualization of his dream restaurant that was later brought to life by the rapper Nasir Jones. Another unique design in the collection includes a t-shirt with ‘Me against the world’ printed across the front, which is the name of one of the studio albums of Tupac. Lastly, a ‘Thug life’ graphic-print t-shirt is also part of the fantastic VLONE X Tupac Shakur collection.

Why should VLONE.LTD products are trusted?

VLONE prioritizes the quality of the clothing items more than anything. This is why choosing this brand to purchase your favorite rapper’s merchandise is a wise choice. Besides the warm and comfortable fabric, VLONE caters to all sizes, and clothing items are always true to the size mentioned. The customer service is also exceptional and fast, which accounts for an overall pleasant shopping experience.