VLONE X Pop Smoke

With the release of the mega-project Meet the Woo 2, VLONE Merch had been teamed up with Pop Smoke to define the new fashion line of the Merchandise. 2020 was considered to be a breakthrough year for Pop in which his several releases of music albums were much appreciated by Nicki Minaj & Travis Scott. To move forward with a kind of gentle pace, different kinds of collaboration in the past year tend to happen. As far as the great association of fashion lines is concerned, VLONE X POP SMOKE would provide the best Goosebumps in the categories of fuzzy hoodies for your wardrobe this year.

VLONE Pop Smoke Armed & Dangerous Hoodie

Get something more dark & bold style in your attire, VLONE Pop Smoke Armed & Dangerous Hoodie depicted the extra way of great hip & chic. The fabric is found to be so soft & gentle that any gender can feel an extra bit of coziness & contentment. Anyone loves to wear this hoodie in black where the front portion of the hoodie is just exposed to the Big Smoke containing blue transparent shade. There is also the presence of the Audi version inside this transparent surface & Armed N Dangerous texture is surrounded under this logo.  At the back, you’ll also find the Transparent V of a particular shade.

VLONE Pop Smoke x Hawk Em’ Hoodie

The hoodie is the perfect example of smoke available in two decent colors, white & black. Someone must choose to wear it because of the presence of a smoky texture in the front logo. The hoodie fabric is composed of pure cotton & fleece & must determine the way of elegance in your style as well as in coziness. When we talked about the Big V at the back, the spectators loved to find the bolt hitting their logos. In a white hoodie, this is surrounded by the light blue smoke shade while in black; it is gathered by the burning shade.

VLONE x Pop Smoke City Hoodie

It will be a great legacy for Pop Smoke if you tend to wear the real VLONE x Pop Smoke City Hoodie. The reason behind this is the actual posture of Pop standing in the mid of the city by joining his hands to feel like to pray or beg. The moment at the front of the outfit gave you chance to enjoy every legacy moment of your legend. Shoot for the Stars & Aim for the Moon is the best quotation ever had. A similar way of style also find at the back of big V. The drapery devises to be so lax & moderate that any gender can feel an extra bit of luxury & satisfaction.

VLONE Smoke Fashion Lightweight Hoodie

If you love to live in the life of colors, the best you can get is no more enough than smoke fashion hoodies. This is a great piece of comfier with an extra bit of relaxation & leniency. This is one of the fine pieces of decency where you must feel some sort of confusion to choose the best color. The fabric seems to be in baggy style & the V logo is surrounded by smoky textures. One logo is present at the pocket side while the other appears at the back.

Pop Smoke x VLONE King of NY Hoodie

It will be the countless heritages for Pop Smoke if you be likely to wear the real Pop Smoke King of NY Hoodie. The motive after this is the real posture of Pop sitting in the car & enjoyed the bit of his music. The moment is just surrounded by the kind of galaxy of the star’s atmosphere. A similar type of design or art is also featured at the backlog of V. Pop Smoke in the bold alphabet is printed at the upper side of this giant design while at the bottom you’ll found to print the texture “KING OF NEWYORK”. The color combination of this hoodie seems to be so progressive & unconventional. The black hoodie with dark pink textures defined the upper level of grace & beauty.