Vlone x The Weeknd

Vlone’s excellent ever-growing list of collaborations appears like a layout to satisfy the demands of the youth. Another new partnership is with the Canadian vocalist Abel, more widely recognized as The Weekend. His fans worldwide profoundly anticipated the collaboration due to his originality and eccentric style—the fashion the world awaited to be depicted into a clothing line. Vlone has turned that longing into a reality.

Vlone endeavored to merge the creative complexity of the “Star boy” artist and deliver products that have the same mysteriousness and irresistible depth as the artist himself. The grounds of the clothing line is his album “After hours“.

What’s different about Vlone?

Vlone is a brand created for retailing streetwear and products of different artists, mainly rappers, and launched from the streets of Harlem several years back by a group of prominent artists who had a revolutionary fashion ideology in mind. The doctrine gave birth to a label that would represent streetwear, something comfortable and comes with the name of Vlone.

The label showed its potential when it launched a whole fashion show in Paris, competing with the top brands in the market, which portray high couture.

What does the Vlone x the Weeknd feature?

Inspired by the recent album “After hours,” this is a stylistic reinvention of the artist himself portrayed by something as familiar as everyday clothes. The collaboration features a variety of t-shirts and hoodies revolving around the same concept. It is designed with prints of the album’s name and some unconventional and gothic artwork, which makes it a must-have to add to your everyday wear.

The Weeknd x Vlone funky T-Shirts

It is a fantastic piece for both genders. A combination of everyday wear, the shirt features many words from his album, most notably “After hours”. The iconic pieces come in a dripping blood letter giving it an overall edgier look. They are launched in many colors and display the trendy aesthetic appeal present in the artist’s work. Like the character in “After hour”, the absurdity takes the coolness to a whole new level.

The Weeknd x Vlone hoodies

Another top released article is the Weeknd x Vlone hoodies. Similar to the shirts, they come in a wide variety of over ten colors. Featuring the album “After hours” with graphic prints makes it a terrific article to wear. At the same time, it’s super comfy because it’s made with the right balance of cotton and polyester. The back features the iconic V logo of the Vlone brand, which like the artist the Weeknd, has a lot of depth and mystery.

Why opt for products by Vlone?

The products alone feature one of the best designers and transcendent prints and come in many colors and sizes. With one of the best customer services and feedbacks, the brand should be your number one choice.