Really, what is the perfect party dress? There is no dress that, due to its design, meets perfection and that we also use for the purpose of going out to have a good time with friends. Once we’re invited to an event or night party, we get down to work… pins saved on Pinterest, we dive through Instagram to find the best inspiration looks and we start canvassing various brands to buy our perfect dress.

We are going to give you some tips that will help you choose the right dress to attend a party or event as the perfect guest. 

#1 Be A Perfect Original Guest

At Alenia, we are committed to originality and we are committed to being different. When we have an event, the easiest thing is to go to the usual stores, the ones that everyone knows, but many times we run the risk that another person at the party may wear the same dress as you or the guests. s know where your dress is from because they have seen it on the website of the same. Don’t you love the fact that they ask you self-absorbed: Where is your dress from? Where did you buy it?

  • STRIVE: Do an intensive search for brands that have something special, don’t opt ​​for the usual ones and try to find something different.
  • FIND IT: Quality is very important, we love designs made in Spain…find a brand that is 100% committed to the country and its raw materials.
  • BET ON: The color and shape of the dress is super important, forget bland and characterless designs… simplicity is often elegant and feminine but, if you want to be the perfect guest… opt for colorful dresses with sexy shapes and sophisticated.


Once we are invited to a party or event, we must know the place where it is to be held, since this will influence our decision to choose the perfect dress. For example, if the event is indoors at night, you can choose a more daring dress like tuxedo suits; On the other hand, if the event is in the countryside, you certainly do not want to wear a dress that drags and ends up wet and dirty. You must know the place very well, because that will influence your decision.


It seems that many times we dress depending on whether the dress is to our liking or not, but we must know what suits us best, that is, it is necessary to know oneself in order to be a perfect guest.

In general, the choice of the color of the dress is made based on your skin tone; for example, if you have a darker skin tone, do not opt ​​for dark colors such as brown because the only thing you are going to achieve is that your perfect guest dress doesn’t show off at all. Failing that, why not try wearing a nude or pink dress? Prom suit will be the perfect dress for you, since it is not too formal for an event like a wedding, but it is ideal if you have a late-night party… the lace makes it unique!

Now let’s go with the lightest skins… If you are one of those who, even if you sunbathe, do not turn brown but red and you heat your head to ensure that a dress does not make you look like a ghost… we have the solution for you! Bet on bright colors that highlight your attributes and make your skin look even more beautiful; colors like purple, orange, pink will be your perfect allies. 


It is super important to know the trends. Many of you tell us that you follow your own style and that, if you don’t like a particular type of garment, you are not going to wear it because it is a trend and that is very good… we must be faithful to our own style but always adapting the trends that we like the most.

In the case of party dresses, black is still established as the color par excellence for parties or night events, it is also a “Lifesaver”, because a black dress will always be an elegant and sophisticated option no matter what event you go to. 


Although this fifth tip is not related to the decision to choose one dress or another, we want to remind you (please!) that to be the perfect guest, you should also consider your makeup. In the weddings that we have attended this year, we have gone with a notebook and a pen writing down everything we see… a common mistake that we have noticed is the color of the makeup base.

What mania do some have with wanting to look like a page? We must make sure that the makeup base matches the color of our face (in general, its color is whiter than the rest of the body) and that the shadows we choose match the color of the dress we are going to wear.

If you have doubts about how to do make up for a special occasion, we leave you a LINK to a video that will help you put on makeup to be the perfect guests.

Author M Latif

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