Vlone Clothing



In the era of adapting the street brand vlone music composition into the essence of countless style erection all over the globe, Vlone became one of the outgrowth projects along Sp5der that originated in the most fashion land of Harlem, New York in 2011. The project is directed by Jabari Shelton, known as A$AP Bari or Young Lord. Later on, He accumulated CLOT Founder Edison Chen & A$AP Rocky for making Vlone a Clothing Brand. All the crew members of this band got the professional ability of rap & pop music & engaged the street public into their harmony, the associates include ASAP members & Playboi Carti but the band gradually grew with the phase to fame in 2013 where Ian Connor worked so professionally with his intellectual fashion skills & the band followers gave the maximum likes to the different texture of imprinting Vs logos.

Vlone developed efficacious as a young brand & by gaining a great reputation in the extensive market so far, the brand’s products feature the unique styling of imprinting Vlone in tees, pants, denim, outfits, or accessories. With the beginning of the new season, Vlone CLothing is considered the serious fashion label in the world of young adults.

In the mid of 2017, the founder A$AP Bari ready to explore his brand to the next level & announced the full exhibition program which depicts the vast assortments of the best-featuring clothing line. This would be held with the started summer of 2018, at the venue of Paris Fashion Week. With the classic move of the front-runner, the main presentation of this exhibition holds the nerve of all over their followers by showing the exceptional adaption of embossing logos in tees, pants, denim, outfits, or accessories. ASAP Rocky & Playboi Carti developed the best tattoo representation of the band.

vlone banner
vlone story

The combination of intellectual & brilliant thoughts in both manners, music with fashion, made Vlone an upsurge streetwear brand. Vlone activates largely all over through its online stores where the fans love to search the dropping collections of merchandise i.e hoodies, t-shirts, headwear, pendants & essentials hoodie many more.

After developing so much explosion to the world of streetwear fashion, Vlone with just a tiny promotion showing the Remarkables sales all over. The brand tends to rock the show with the pop-up stores in the major cities of New York, Hong Kong & London.

After acquiring the bursting packhouse concerts where the audience showed massive numbers of their representation through getting the V-outfits, the mechanism of authorizing Vlone clothing line in the teenagers or young adults boosted rapidly. Brands like Nike ready to approached Vlone in the way, thus in 2016, the alliance of both these brands developed the pair of Nike Air Force 1s. The shoe shows the great trend in the online market with the trademark combo of orange with black, this premium leather quality of Vlone sneakers uprising the sales of retailers up to almost double.



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