While VLONE owner A$AP Bari toured Asia, a Hong Kong-based clothing line approached the MOB’s man with questions from curious consumers. Bari spoke about his preferences, exclusive finesse, and a very personal outlook on life. He did not shy away from speaking on the tastes of his colleagues and whom he deemed had the best or worst panache. Bari is known for his innovativeness, charisma, and intellect. Scroll down for a peak from the interview:

Do you have an opinion on the progression of the industry and its voguish culture?

We are talking about VLONE. It’s no ordinary thing, like a brand or a label. To be affiliated with it is to consider it a lifestyle and integrate it with your daily routine. VLONE is not just about styling some fabric, it is not limited to just designing and surfing through fashion blogs. It is a part of me and it evolved from within me. When I wake up I do not waste time planning stuff or worrying over trivial matters, I immediately execute wh atever is it that my instinct directs me to.

I happen to be a life in the moment sort of person, some might consider it too impulsive, unstable or insecure but that is how it is for me. I tend to not fixate on a certain thing and just try to live my life to the fullest. If I desire to do something, I go for it. No questions asked. The time may never come again.

CLOT meets Harlem’s A$AP Bari

Owing to modern-day tech, we see a lot of amateur fashioners come to the scene, without possessing a formal education. What do you think about this?

I am blessed to be from Harlem as it made me realize a lot of realities I was previously ignorant to. With these modern kids, it is clear they are in the game because of their passion and not because they are following someone. At the end of the day, it all boils down to you being honest to yourself and striving for what you believe in, and never giving up on your passions. You should listen to your heart, and not the words of someone who will never be in your shoes.

When I was young, I was always very eager to grow up and do grown-up stuff. Thus, I shaped my life around this sentiment and made my decisions accordingly. It helped me realize my goals and the steps I’d need to take to achieve them.

People can tell you stuff but it is you who will commit the action. The responsibility rests on you. No one will take your finger and guide you around once you enter into adulthood. The door may be opened for you, but it is you who has to walk through it.

CLOT meets Harlem’s A$AP Bari

What does it feel like coming from Harlem and now having long stays abroad?

It’s almost 15 hours ahead here from where I come. I am several hours into the future as compared to America. China is always ahead of us, I am trying my hardest to utilize this opportunity to its fullest. I think I have an advantage here and I am trying to avail it.

Who do you think has the best fashion sense in the A$AP Gang? You, I suppose?

Heck yeah! All of us have unique fashion sense, but I like mine best!

What is your advice to your crew members on classiness?

All of us have unique tastes, the particulars of which reflect our personalities and experiences. We are all on to something different. Different goals, different thoughts, different temperaments and of course different approaches to life, this really changes how you carry yourself and even how you dress. It is very irreverent to give someone advice on what they ought to wear or not. Among the team, A$AP’s Twelvy’s style speaks the most to me and it is my favourite too. You know, he came from an impoverished household with little money to develop a specific style, and now you see his fashion sense is evolving for something much better. He is the kind of person who can effortlessly do a pair of LeBrons, Yeezys or Vans and still maintain his swagger and attitude. Nast, however, is built differently. He has a more sporty style and would look amazing in Rick Owens or with Jordans on.

CLOT meets Harlem’s A$AP Bari

Who among A$AP has the most undermining fashion sense?

Among the entire crew, I would say Rocky has by far the worst fashion sense. He is still wearing Desert Boots, in this bold era too! It is outrageous. Back in the early 10s, I liked them too. I wore them everywhere, Rocky knows this too. But fashion too changes with time, and we automatically track all reformations and dress accordingly, but not Rocky.

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