There’s no denying the rise of streetwear and its impact on the fashion industry. But if you’re not too familiar with this relatively new term, it can be a little difficult to understand what is going on now. While many streetwear brands are still coming out and trying to make their mark, others have become household names already. Streetwear brands can be a difficult thing to figure out. You might just wander into the nearest shop, and things can get even more confusing when you’re looking for something specific. That’s because streetwear is all about being original and having a unique style, as opposed to being “fashionable”.

Best Streetwear Brands of 2021

We’ve researched the best streetwear brands of 2021. Let’s check out which one is best for you!

1.    Passport Clothing

Specializes in cool, edgy streetwear that appeals to a wide range of hip-hop fans. They have a huge variety of designs with fresh logos. Their clothes are high quality and they’re known for their great customer service response times. If you don’t mind the higher price tag, this is another great brand to check out.

2.    Forever 21

This is a fairly mainstream name but they still offer good quality apparel at affordable prices. They have a huge variety of designs and are especially good for affordable accessories. They’re not the best choice if you want something more in line with a traditional hip-hop look, but they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re on a budget.

3.    Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is an interesting choice for those interested in classic, retro looks. For the most part, we’d recommend checking out vintage clothing solely for its novelty value. It’s not really appropriate to wear in everyday life and it’s not likely to be as durable as modern clothing (especially cheaper options). It can still be a good choice for special events depending on the design.

4.    Affliction Wear

The designers at Affliction have taken the traditional hip-hop look and fused it with a fashion-forward edge. The lines still hold onto the classic logos but they’re updated to make them more stylish and appealing to younger generations.


The name says “tees” but they actually have a lot of other clothing options. They cater to a variety of styles and are known for their great customer service, especially compared to most online retailers. They’re another good choice if you want lots of variety and prints at affordable prices.

6.    Sean John

This is another mainstream brand that’s well known even in non-hip-hop circles. Their main appeal is the sharp logo designs that pay homage to old-school hip-hop and urban clothing from the past.

7.    Corebe

This company focuses on high-quality materials and excellent customer service. They’re mainly loved for their high-end hoodies and tees but there are options as low as $7 that is still fully adjustable and breathe well.

8.    Mafia

Another brand with a huge variety of products, even some designed with trendy geometric prints. The prices on these shirts start at $35 but we’d suggest spending more on the higher quality materials used in the design.

9.    Supreme

Although Supreme has been around for decades, they’re still one of the best-known brands in all of the streetwear today. With a massive price range and a huge variety of designs, they’re definitely one of the best apparel options in the industry.

10.    Stussy

This highly recognizable, low-key brand is often associated with hip-hop culture. They offer something for everyone with their huge selection of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. Their main appeal is their unique polka dot designs but they also have something for almost every style under the sun.

11.    Vlone Official

Another brand Vlone has gained popularity as one of the more popular brands in this ever-evolving sector. Started by A$AP brothers, Vlone began to grow as a brand which eventually led to a collection of T-shirts. This was all very unexpected for the two designers who were never in any sort of fashion or design background. But they have managed to build a successful business with a focus on rap and hip-hop fans. Currently, they are selling some of the best tees, hoodies, and jackets. Their most popular tees include VLONE x Juice Wrld Butterfly T-Shirt, Vlone OG VLONE FRIENDS Blue Camo Long Sleeve Shirt, and many more.


We have compiled this list of top streetwear brands in the USA. All these brands are known for their stylish, unique, and fashionable streetwear that includes tees, hoodies, jeans, and much more. Most of these brands are famous among the youth and their clothes are available at affordable prices. We highly recommend Vlone above all other brands because they’ve been popular among youth for the last seven years. The brand is committed to producing new and unique signature styles that can make you stand out from the crowd.

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