From music collection to promote the clothing line, the lonely boys with great determination & focused on every keen step that allows the world to follow the path of Vlone. To face the hurdles of success by the ASAP Mob, in which ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari & Clot Edison suggest the remarks or opinion on their part of failure, a scandal as well as achievements, mention in an interview with Orson Welles.

What is the real summary behind Vlone mean?

ASAP Rocky: You live alone or Die Alone, it’s quite simple for me to generalize what the Vlone would be.

What is the next major goal of Vlone in the future?

ASAP Bari: I can’t tell right now because don’t have any yet as goals made the person disappointed if we don’t achieve them.

Rocky, what you can rate your role in Vlone?

Rocky: Vlone is all just ASAP, it depicts the lifestyle & collection of the most talented members. people tend to adopt the lifestyle of Vlone nowadays & my role is also part of this manifesto. As far as our business strategies are concerned, my role is as vital as others members of the company

Bari, do you think that you got a consistent voice as a leader?

I had not to talk so much, I just believe in less talk & more work.

What does the Friends motif mean in the clothing line of Vlone?

Vlone has a clear stance of Live Alone & Die Alone. Minus friends sign on t-shirts, hoodies or jackets indicates the zero or no friends. so the whole meaning of this motif satisfied the vision of Vlone.

Had Live Alone or Die Alone stance changed with the success of the Vlone brand?

Bari: we always live in the mantra of Vlone& this is proved to be our lifestyle & inside our blood. I don’t take off my t-shirts for three months. We Vlone got the dark vibes.

Are You a Private Person?

Bari: No, I have friends & a brother also. But I am VLone. I had to spend time with people, do work also.

In Past, you acclaimed the mainstream is growing through investors? do you still think the proverb is valid now?

Rocky: 100000 million % yes.

Harlem is the major influence as the style is in its DNA. You said in the past. Do you still think that Harlem is a fashion hub right now?

Bari: No

What you feel changed in Harlem?

Bari: people’s freedom is on the threat by Police; you can’t do now, whatever you can do in the past. The culture is just fading away. I appreciated what Harlem was.

Rocky, what your opinion about Harlem?

it was always an inspiration for me. It’s a kind of gentrified place in the past. But the people are shifting towards another region now.

Is it true that the pop-up shop model is going to get overdone now?

Bari: Pop-up model is the best thing, it can’t be played out. Well, I can’t make a pop-up right now just because Kenya West is doing it. I’m doing it at the end of the day. The retailers are used to sell it but it is out of my hands now.

What about the Middle Man?

Bari: Cut it out

Can you get a great piece of satisfaction when customers purchase your products?

Bari: when you come to buy the Vlone from VLone Pop-up, it gave me an 85 % acknowledgment to choose the piece on my own.

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